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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install waterproof flooring?


We always start off with “Nothing is waterproof.” However, we do have plenty of choices for flooring that is water resistant. That’s why we strongly suggest a consultation before you purchase flooring. While we are more than willing to install whatever floor you desire, we want to make certain you have all the knowledge and wisdom our more than ten years experience can provide you. 

Do you have to tear out the old stuff?


Yes and no. This depends on the flooring that’s already in place, the height of the other floors, and the type of flooring that is being laid. If we don’t have to remove the old flooring, we will tell you and let you decide. We do not want to charge you for labor that is unnecessary and create waste that is unneeded. During your free consultation, the Flooring Specialist or consultant will be able to tell you right away whether tear out is necessary or not. 

I saw this picture on....Can you match it?


Typically, the answer is yes, depending on your budget, material, and use of the room. We don't want you to be happy with your new floor. We want you to be ecstatic! No matter your budget, we can help you design a finished look. Sometimes, you can achieve the same look, design, and feel with a quality, lower cost flooring. If there is a particular effect you’re looking for, be sure to provide photos or samples to your consultant during your free consultation to get the most accurate and effective estimate.